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Letter from the Administrator

Dear New Patient and Family,

As the Founder and Owner of Home Care For U, Inc. since 2005, it is with great enthusiasm that I welcome you to Home Care For U, Inc. We would like to take the time to thank you for choosing our Agency and allowing us to participate in your healthcare. Many of you have entrusted your care to us for more than 15 years, and have followed us through our journey. We appreciate and value your trust and hold it close to our hearts. We look forward to providing our new and returning patients with personalized care and compassion. 

We are a multi-lingual Agency and take great pride in servicing patients with varying cultural backgrounds. My family is Hmong from Laos in Southeast Asia. Our grandfather and fathers were recruited by the American CIA to initiate “the US Secret Army,” they proudly fought alongside the Americans against the North Vietnamese. When the United States pulled its troops from Southeast Asia, Laos fell to the Communists.  Many people, including my family and I, began migrating to different countries throughout the world to seek education and build a better life. In our journey, we have experienced new cultures, different languages, and we believe in being valuable contributors to the communities we now call home. Our culture has always focused on social harmony, and we have great concern with socio-economic prosperity and the collective well-being of our communities. As such, our culture, our affiliations with many different ethnic organizations, combined with extensive research, lead us to believe we can make the most impact by providing health care services to people in need in the comfort of their homes.

As healthcare providers and well-known community leaders for the past ten years, we have worked closely with the community and recognize that the health care field is quickly changing as our senior population grows, and our life expectancy increases. Quality health care services are becoming more and more of a challenge to provide in this time of change; however, I would like to assure you we are not intimidated but excited about all the opportunities that lie before us, and we have worked tirelessly to maintain our quality throughout the change. Again, thank you for choosing Home Care For U, Inc. 


Phoua Yang, Owner/Administrator